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Re: [IP] Is anyone on Avandia?

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> The letter says, in bold-faced type: "The use of Avandia in combination
> therapy with insulin is not indicated" and goes on to say:
>     "In clinical studies, an increased incidence of heart failure and
> cardiovascular adverse events were seen in patients on Avandia and insulin
> combination therapy compared to insulin plus placebo.

This statement doesn't support the idea that combining Avandia with insulin
is dangerous. It only supports the statement that Avandia is dangerous.
(Because it's the variable in this case).

If they had had a group on Avandia plus placebo, and had seen an increased
risk in the Avandia plus insulin group, then they would have been justified
in that conclusion.

I really hate it when the so-called experts make such obviously illogical
conclusions and then we are supposed to believe all the OTHER things they
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