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Re: [IP] hi-2manykitties - pump tubing and 2manykitties

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From: "Cherry M. Dumas" <email @ redacted>

> One of my cats bit through my tubing one night, and I didn't find out
> it until the next morning when I climbed out of bed and my pump stayed in!
> always wondered how much insulin my cat actually drank! I know he never
> it again :)

I should only be so lucky!!!!  Yesterday morning at 6AM, I woke up at 148,
and was mystified because I went to bed at 105, and my pump was connected
when I went to the bathroom at 4AM. Didn't even think of the cats.

But lo and behold, the Black Attack had descended upon me sometime between
4AM and 6AM, and done her dirty work.

This is the 3rd time (in 2 1/2 years of pumping) that this cat has done her
dastardly deed -- I guess it's not so bad in the time frame, but a pain in
the butt when it does happen!

I've tried pouches and stuff, but they bother me when I move around in
bed -- so maybe chewed tubing is just something I'm gonna have to put up
with. (Or else go back to NPH at night???? NAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)


Natalie ._c-
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