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Re: [IP] hypos and numbness

> Well, at one point he started to complain
> about feeling like his whole back and his mouth were numb, like
> after a dentist visit.  It was numb and tingly.  I checked his BG as
> he was also saying that he was starting to really feel lousy too. 
> He was 40.  

Common reaction to hypo.

>   Also, and please don't get mad of this isn't appropriate, but also
>   today 
> Josh appears to be having some type of allergic reaction to mosquito
> bites.  He has these big red welts that itch, we have been having a
> lot of mosquitos here lately since  the big rains we had last week. 
> Could this be related to the hypo state he has been in most of the
> day.  By the way, at this writing at 9PM wednesday he is finally at

More likely the extra activity :-)
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