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[IP] Re: tingling or numbness

>>> HIof or mentioned numbness or tingling.  Has anyone had this
or have know a young child to have something like this happen before.>>>

After over 50 years of IDDM, I have had many of my symptoms *evolve* over
time. Some symptoms I used to have I never get anymore, and vice versa. I
was taught that tingling lips means the BG is coming up and not to treat it.
That was before we encouraged to test often. I did think that I was dropping
lower and would, of course, over treat.

>>>   Also, and please don't get mad of this isn't appropriate, but also
Josh appears to be having some type of allergic reaction to mosquito
bites. >>>

No explanation necessary whether or not this is appropriate. If anyone gets
*mad* - well, they have a major problem then. I'm sure someone would be
offended - that happens when there are over 3,000 individual personalities.

>>> He has these big red welts that itch, we have been having a lot of
mosquitos here lately since  the big rains we had last week.  Could this be
to the hypo state he has been in most of the day.  By the way, at this
at 9PM wednesday he is finally at 150.>>>

This could be part of his *growth* and body changes. I'm pretty allergic to
mozzie bites. I think sometimes our meat is *sweeter* and them bugs like
dessert, too. BTW, I used to sneeze my fool head off and have very itchy
eyes. Took lots of Rx'd pills for allergies. I haven't needed one pill since
spring of '99. Maybe I'm still growing, too. (~_^)

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