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RE: [IP] school and the pump-long

Hi Loretta:
In a way I can't say as I blame your son's teacher for not wanting to take
responsibility of bolusing for your child.  People today are very sue happy
and I'm sure she fears for that and for losing her job if something goes

I know my daughter is a teacher and she would not take on that
responsibility and if I were one, I wouldn't want to either.

I guess that's why the school nurse is there to do those things...they have
to be certified in order to become a school nurse and they are covered by
insurance in that manner, not teachers...

Sorry I couldn't be more positive and I know it has to be very frustrating
for you as well being a parent...

Here's a thought...are the snacks the same each day and are they eaten the
same time of day?  If so then perhaps you can find out what type of snacks
they are having and figure out the carbs and then square wave the bolus for
that time of day to give the insulin....what do you think????
Kathy B.
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