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[IP] Welts/bites

Hi all:
You can become allergic to certain bites all of a sudden.

I got stung by a yellow jack many years ago and had never been stung before
and I became very allergic, developed a red line and ran to the dr...

Was told I was very allergic and if ever got stung again to take two
benedryl immediately.

My daughter is highly allergic to any sort of insect bite and she ALWAYS
wears bug guard (which has no deet in it) and carries benedryl with her.
One time she went to a camp and didn't put any on her face, neck and ears
and you couldn't have believed what she looked like when she got home...she
was so swollen it was pathetic!!!

Anyway, the best protection is to wear some sort of a bug guard preferrably
w/o deet so it is safe for anyone older than 6 mos...and after that,
benedryl is your next best bet to reduce swelling and itching...you can use
caladryl but I bought my daughter After Bite and she said that also works
well...and I personally find the Benedryl spray works great after you get
red ant bites!!!  Those are NASTY!!!

Back to the point.....I don't get lows from my bites, no correlation there

Kathy B.
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