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[IP] school and the pump-long

I had a meeting with my son's teacher regarding diabetes and the insulin pump.
Because he is in second grade, the whole class has a morning snack that he
will need to be bolused for.  There is a school nurse there every day and he
will be going there for his lunch time bolus and to have his blood checked.
One of the concerns from his teacher last year was that he missed so much time
from class which made it hard for him to make up. So I requested that the
teacher either bolus him for snack or just figure out the bolus and have him
do the actual bolus himself.  We have the sliding chart from minimed so it
should be very easy.  I just don't trust a second grader to figure out the
bolus even with the chart.  His teacher seemed very nervous and very
overwhelmed by everything.  I told her not to worry that it was actually very
easy.  After a week it would be second nature.  The next day I met with the
principal and the nurse.  I explain what I requested from the teacher and
asked if we could try it for two weeks and then if it wasn't going well then
she could stop.  After all, if there is a field trip, the teacher is going to
have to be the one to bolus him then.  They agreed and even said the nurse
would go down to the class the first week to make sure everything went ok.
Now this afternoon I get a phone call from the school nurse stating that the
teacher just refuses to be involved in bolusing him since it is a medical
issue.  Is this an issue that I should insist on since she will be doing it on
field trips?  Or should I let it go because there is always a school nurse
there?  I know there are rights for testing in the classroom, but are there
any for bolusing insulin pumps in the classroom?
Loretta, mom to Jason, almost 7.
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