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Re: [IP] Is anyone on Avandia?

In a message dated 8/30/01 12:18:10 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi it's me Lisette.  I as just wondering is anyone on Avandia?  Also 
 If your on it have you had any complications?  I asked my Dr. To help me 
 because I'm insulin resistant.  I asked about glucophage but it's not for 
  But I went on the Avandia site and it says that people with type 1 Diabetes 
 should not take this.  Also it has some scary side effects such a hart 
 problems and swelling.  Well, I've taken it for two days and I'm getting 
 of iffy can anyone please help me with these questions or if you just now of 
 something else.  Thanks  >>

Avandia should not be taken in combination with insulin. The FDA issued a 
warning letter about that in July. Try this link to get to it: <A 



I got there yesterday with a www.google.com search for Avandia. I was looking 
it up for a friend who called and said her husband was DX'd and his doc 
prescribed Avandia. They hadn't picked it up from the pharmacy yet and I 
suggested she call her doctor and ask if he was sure he wanted to prescribe 
Avandia to somebody who already had congestive heart failure. 

The letter says, in bold-faced type: "The use of Avandia in combination 
therapy with insulin is not indicated" and goes on to say:
    "In clinical studies, an increased incidence of heart failure and other 
cardiovascular adverse events were seen in patients on Avandia and insulin 
combination therapy compared to insulin plus placebo.
    "Three of 10 patients who developed heart failure on Avandia plus insulin 
combination therapy had no known prior evidence of congestive heart failure 
or pre-existing cardiac failure."

You gotta be careful out here, folks. 

Jan and Elvis
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