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Re: [IP] Forearm testing and results with Freestyle

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001 16:42:21 EDT, you wrote:

>I use the Freestyle meter and only use my arms. I was told about the slight 
>difference in numbers between the forearm and fingers. I called Therasense 
>and was told that the finger site will be lower by 11%. That is not much. 
>Also it says something about the difference in results on the paper work that 
>comes with the meter. I just treat it with the correct amount of CHO. I have 
>checked my arms and fingers at the same time when I felt low and my arm said 
>I was 50 and fingers were 45. Anytime I check them both, the results are 
>always very close. Close enough in my book to keep away from sore fingers and 
>to continue with forearm testing. Happy pumping, Claudia

Do you use any special technique for obtaining the blood sample from
your forearm??  I have a Lifescan Ultra that I used to use for forearm
testing -- even after I was told that the forearm wasn't as accurate
as the fingertips.  Then, a couple of days ago, I was feeling low and
tested my blood sugar using the usual site (forearm).  The result was
something like 86.  Not really trusting the results, and being a
little bored at the time, I tested my fingertips.  The result was in
the mid 60's.  Since then, I've been using my fingertips exclusively,
but would really like to go back to the forearms.....

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