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[IP] Medi-cal paying for infustion sets


I got my pump in late July (love it).  But my husband has been laid
off from his job effective tomorrow, so we are going to lose the
insurance coverage that allowed me to get the pump and that we were
hoping would pay for the infusion sets.  Cobra coverage is too
expensive, so that is not an option.  So I will be having to use
Medi-Cal (this state's version of medicaid).

Has anybody used them to get their infusion sets??  Is it a really big
hassle to go through them??  What will I have to do to get them to pay
(eg, will I have to send them copies of my logs, etc.)??  How long
will it take to get an approval??  I talked to Minimed earlier today,
and they said that Medi-Cal might, or might not pay for the supplies.
Does anybody have any advice, or experience they could offer???


I'm still using the infusion sets I originally got with the pump, so I
don't know of any other places to get the infusion sets other than
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