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Re: [IP] hypos and numbness

HI list.  Here is something new that happened to Joshua (age 9.5, pumping 1.5 
yrs)  He ran pretty low most of the afternoon today...pretty active.  Well, 
at one point he started to complain about feeling like his whole back and his 
mouth were numb, like after a dentist visit.  It was numb and tingly.  I 
checked his BG as he was also saying that he was starting to really feel 
lousy too.  He was 40.  This was down form 65 a few hours earlier, and he had 
been 44 a few hours prior to that one too.  Anyway, this is the first time he 
has complained of or mentioned numbness or tingling.  Has anyone had this or 
have know a young child to have something like this happen before.

  Also, and please don't get mad of this isn't appropriate, but also today 
Josh appears to be having some type of allergic reaction to mosquito bites.  
He has these big red welts that itch, we have been having a lot of mosquitos 
here lately since  the big rains we had last week.  Could this be related to 
the hypo state he has been in most of the day.  By the way, at this writing 
at 9PM wednesday he is finally at 150.


mom to Joshua
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