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From: "Darrin Parker" <email @ redacted>
(about why some people have easier control than others)
> I am sure there have been past discussions releating to theories on
> why this is so.  I believe a couple of hypotheses are:  some people
> never leave the honeymoon stage and some people retain minimal
> function of their pancreas etc.

Hi, Darrin,

I think you're exactly right. Having Type 1 DOESN'T mean total destruction of
beta cells, and C-peptide tests show that many people do retain some residual
insulin secretion (not enough to stay alive, but that's another topic!). If a
person's own pancreas helps, even a little, it DOES make things easier.

I'm sure my own relatively easy control is due to having significant insulin
production -- and yet it has become harder over time, because my pancreas is
steadily deteriorating. I'm grateful that the deterioration has been slow, but
I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the time when control gets a lot

Which is another reason not to compare yourself with others -- they AREN'T
facing the same problems as you are, but on the other hand they have their


Natalie ._c-
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