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[IP] blister/leg

Hi Karen:

You didn't say why you had blisters on your legs...did you rub your leg
against something that caused a blister or did they just appear?  If they
have been there for months and you have been keeping them clean and treating
with something like neosporin, then I would most definitely say that a visit
to a wound treatment center is in order so that they can get that healed for

Have you had your circulation checked in your legs?  Sometimes, healing is
hard to do when the circulation isn't good.  I have neuropathy very badly
all over my body but thankfully my circulation is still good but any cuts I
get takes forever to heal but heal they do with lots of neosporin...

Please don't let the blister keep on going the way it is...get some medical
attention and get it treated and healed....it can turn into worse...
Kathy B.
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