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[IP] re: viral causes for iddm

  I know this is an old subject and I hope I do not
get flamed for bringing it up.  I also was dx with
IDDM a few months after contracting chicken pox for
the 2nd time. 
  Diabetes does run in my family.  My father was a
type 1. He suffered from many complications such as
retinopathy, high blood pressure, foot problems--which
lead to an amputation, and died from kidney failure. 
My mother was a type 2 and also died from
complications.  My sister is a type 1.5 (that's how
her endo. describes her) and has mild retinopathy and
some problems with her feet and legs swelling.  So
far, and only by the grace of God, I am complication
  If no one minds, I am curious to find out how many
others have been diagnosed with DM after having a
serious illness.  You may also email me privately.  I
have only been on this list for a few weeks but I am
getting the impression that some are annoyed when
someone asks questions that may have been previously
answered in past or archived emails.  

Mystie =)

<<I posted a question about people getting D after the
chicken pox about 6 months ago and pretty much got
flamed indirectly for it saying how there is no
correlation, etc, and people making comments like "I
was dx'd at age 16 and had chicken pox at age 3; does
that count?"  You know, whatever, right......Anyway, I
got D about two months after having the chicken pox as
a kid..... All the way back then (20 years) my doctor
told me this is what probably triggered it.  It's now
20 years later and they are still questioning it......
Anyway, I truly believe this was my cause for
diabetes, especially since there is NOBODY anywhere in
my family with type 1 or type 2!!>>

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