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[IP] The Meaning of bs Measurements

If we apply Normal Statically Methods to a given set of measurements(usually
BS): it usually means, "Things are not as bad as you think". When I installed
my first pump(since I really didn't have the time to give to a expensive and
time consuming training) I compared two meters(during the time I took to
follow my insulin pump, 10 pm to 10 am): the Exactest and a One Touch. Putting
aside the BS measurement is a once in a lifetime measurement I applied Std
Normal Statically Methods to the numbers with the result that both meters were
the same when measuring BS.

If we say the error in the measurement is +/- 10%.

compare the two readings:
 150 - 10%(15) = 135
 130 + 10%(13) = 143

(Try this with 400 and 500).

There is no difference in these numbers: 150 vs 130. Why worry? The focus will
center around the magnitude of the error. Some Vendors will try to talk you
into an error of say less than 1% and show you a plot of 95% confidence
Happy BS Measurement.
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