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(more about jess's friend) Re: [IP] treating uncooperative lows....(Jess's friend)

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001 email @ redacted wrote:
> You are so lucky to have great friends like you just described.
> Heather W.

thanks heather, i count my blessings often...  ;)  so eric, my clever
low-treating friend...  has done it again!  only this time, he helped
someone else!

on sunday, he was helping out with an event at a college living group of
which he is an alum.  a bunch of frosh got back from canoeing, and were
tired from all the exercise, and the whole "college orientation
experience"...  but eric noticed that one guy was very quiet and sullen,
and then fell asleep on the couch...  what cued him, i don't know..  but
he decided to check on the sleeping frosh, and noticed a medic alert
bracelet...  diabetic!

eric tried to wake the frosh, but he didn't seem able to speak...  called
the paramedics, and got instructions to give the dm'er some orange juice
with sugar in it...  the frosh went to the ER just for observation and is
fine....  thanks to "eric friend to all dm'ers"!!!!!  ;)  i'm tickled and
proud of him....

dx'd '89
assimilated 10/99

Jessica Marder
(617) 513-2845
email @ redacted
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