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Re: [IP] Tanning Bed

I can answer both these questions, when I used the tanning bed this summer 
before vacationing in Florida, I disconnected and put the pump in the pocket 
of my shorts to protect it from the uv light (not sure if it would affect it, 
but figured why chance it)  I only ever got up to 14 minutes at a time, so I 
just bolused for the missed basal when I reconnected.

As far as the frio, as long as you wipe out the inside and outside of the 
inner pocket (the part you soak) there will be no moisture problems with the 
pump.  I can warn you though, don't fall asleep while soaking it- I did while 
soaking the extra large one before heading home and it took at least a week 
and a half for it to completely 'dry' out.  hehe... not really a problem, but 
if you do that with the pump pocket the pump won't fit into it!!

Hope this helps!

aka Mouse
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