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[IP] Sometimes annoyed

Hi :-) I need a little venting time. I woke up this morning with a blood sugar
that was slightly high, but not so high as to get ketones. So, I gave myself a
correction bolus and went on my way to babysit. Well, halfway through
babysitting, I had take out the dang infusion set because it itched so badly.
I had an allergic reaction. Well, I got home and even though I took correction
boluses every hour to make sure my blood sugar stayed under 200, I WAS AT 386.
So, I changed the site, and I had to take it out because it said NO DELIVERY.
So, I changed it again...but it took forever to get the blood sugars
down.Well, that is my venting story. I guess I just sometimes wish that I
didn't have diabetes....I don't mind that I have it all of the time, just at
times where I want to be like everyone else. Well, I am sure all of you have
had a problem like this before. Just shows you to have things with you so you
don't get into the trouble I did. When I did check it....after changing the
site for the second time, my BG was 408. GRRR. Anyway, I am done! Good luck
with everything.
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