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RE: [IP] Heat and Insulin

At 07:09 AM 8/28/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>This is somethiing new that I have been reading here.
>I thought when you change a site, you are to change the reservoir and the
>insulin in it as well.

Well that's what they tell you so you "waste" more, oorrrr I mean make them 
more money.  I have always just changed my site without changing the tubing 
and / or cartridge.  Sort of like the old adage that when using disposable 
syringes you were to toss them after one use.  Not me, tossed them when the 
needle got a little rough around the edges.

>I gather that you fill your reservoir completely and only change that when
>it runs empty, am I right?

Yep.  Oh and when I was on a pump 20 years I did the same thing.  I also 
left my sites in for 14 days.  I never ever had a problem.

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