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I too go through my depressed moods and I hate when I am like that but can't
seem to help it.  I think I get into them more or less because I get so
frustrated in not being able to come up with more stable numbers and when I
do, by the following week, they all change again.

I deal with it by going off in a corner and reading and taking myself
somewhere else or going out and doing gardening or just going to sleep.
Most of the times, after a day or so, I'll be back to normal...

However, what really gets me out of my moods and convinces me to take good
care of myself is when I get out there in the world and see people who are
so much worse off than me.  I have a lot of friends who are going through
chemo, radiation, surgeries, and other diseases, those that are crippled,
blind, shut in elderly, etc. etc...and then I say "thank you God because I
am still whole"...no matter how beat up I think I am, I am still for the
most part whole, can do things for myself, don't have any limbs missing, can
still get around on my own, etc. etc....and that in itself convinces me to
continue to take good care of myself......
Kathy B.
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