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[IP] schools/controlling

I don't understand all this writing about school nurses, what they are
allowing and not allowing....

Back in the old days when I was in school, I always carried a note with me
that said I was allowed to carry food with me and eat whenever necessary.
No teacher ever dared to argue w/me on that one except once.

I was in HS in my art class and my teacher had it in for me (since she
previously had my older two brothers who drove her nuts)...anyway, I told
her I needed to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, that my b.g.
was low...she actually REFUSED to let me go and I simply walked out of the
classroom and went upstairs to the cafeteria and got something to eat.  When
I got back, there were no recriminations because I told her if there were,
I'd bring her a-- up on charges if I had passed out or something...

I think it is a horror that these children have to put up with all this
nonsense and I think that you should speak to your school boards about
making certain that all school nurses have training regarding diabetes and
the pump!!!  This is 2001 for goodness sakes!  They should all "get with
it".  This is for the good and safety of our children!!!  Makes me angry to
read all these posts about such troubles.

Hang in there and be firm and stand up for your rights and the rights of
your children as well!
Kathy B.
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