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Re: [IP] sterilized with something that causes cancer???

>......WARNING: These disposable products have been sterilized with
>ethylene oxide, a chemical known to the state of Calif. to cause
>cancer........ What do you all think about it?  I'm a
>little nervous now and I don't know if I should be.

The short and quippy answer is only worry about if you live in California. 
For all the rest of us it is fine.

The more useful answer is NO don't worry. Ethylene Oxide is a reactive gas. 
It was used to treat the product but none of is there any longer. Ethylene 
oxide has a long history of many consumer application. Many of them are in 
fact food grade and approved by the FDA (such as ripening tomatoes and 
modification of food starches) . The California law requires notification 
for ANY amount of the listed materials even if they may be present at 
levels hundreds of millions time lower than that which might be a problem. 
The notification you received meets the legal requirements but is 
scientific and medical nonsense.
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