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Re: [IP] sterilized with something that causes cancer???

> Hi!
> I'm a California resident and have been on the pump for a little
> less than a year.  I just recently got my pump supplies for the next
> three months and for the first time read the packing slip that came
> inside the box.  It says.......WARNING: These disposable products
> have been sterilized with ethylene oxide, a chemical known to the
> state of Calif. to cause cancer........and it goes on to say that
> they are required to notify the user regarding this warning. Has
> anyone ever seen this before????  What do you all think about it? 
> I'm a little nervous now and I don't know if I should be.  Please
> e-mail me and let me know if you know anything about this. Thanks!
> Amy  (email @ redacted)

Gee.... you better not read the warning labels for the stuff they use 
to fumigate the fruit you buy at the super market :-)

Hey, don't worry. This is standard and unless you are the lab rat 
they make breath a zillion times the normal dose, you are safe as 
rain. Besides, the fumigant is gone now, you just have the package.

email @ redacted
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