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Re: [IP] pump in schools

To Dee and all other pump parents out there...with school right around the 
corner or having already started for some, it is important to contact your 
local ADA office in your area and find out if your state has any regulations 
on the books that deal with children with diabetes in the public schools.  
Here in Washington state new regs were just passed and let me tell you, the 
school RNs are not letting this information be known to the parents.  Like 
myself, I was in the middle of a heated battle with Joshua's principal before 
I found out about these.   And the RN's knew about the battle and never once 
stepped up to say anything.  In the end I found out that the things I was 
requesting for Josh and that the principal did not want to give or allow to 
happen were completely covered in these new regs.  I ended up talking to THE 
RN in charge of all school RNs for this state, who co-wrote these new regs, 
to let her know that her RNs were NOT letting the parents know about these 
new regs.  Consequently, I ended up having this lady as a guest speaker for 
our support group for parents and I have been slowly letting other parents 
know.  The prinicipal was made a fool of because of being kept in the dark 
and that does not make him a happy camper. Also, consequently, he now asks me 
questions before making any decisions.  And this year there will be two more 
DM kids in Josh's school.  Josh has been the only one for the past 3 years. 

  So, parents/caregivers ask and find outwhat your rights are and those of 
your diabetic child where public schools are concerned.  You may be 
surprised, like I was!!!

Good Luck to all this school year!

mom to Joshua
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