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I quit using the Freestyle meter because of all ofthis. At first I compared 
the test results between myOneTouch and the Freestyle and ignored the 100 
mg/dldifferences (Freestyle was always higher), but when Irealized the whole 
problem was with the forearm site,I was discouraged. The whole point of 
getting themeter was to give my fingers a break. A hundred indianrugburns 
later,  had not found there was a differencein numbers whether I rubbed the 
forearm or not.  I'mterrified of lows and I don't want to risk 
inaccuratereadings. It's a great meter though, and I'm sure itwill be easier 
on my fingers with the smaller bloodsample and all, if I could just get the 
energy to dealwith the whole prescription changing nightmare atAetna's mail 
order pharmacy.  OK, I've convincedmyself - I'll switch back to the Freestyle 
when my OneTouch scrip runs out.....

I use the Freestyle meter and only use my arms. I was told about the slight 
difference in numbers between the forearm and fingers. I called Therasense 
and was told that the finger site will be lower by 11%. That is not much. 
Also it says something about the difference in results on the paper work that 
comes with the meter. I just treat it with the correct amount of CHO. I have 
checked my arms and fingers at the same time when I felt low and my arm said 
I was 50 and fingers were 45. Anytime I check them both, the results are 
always very close. Close enough in my book to keep away from sore fingers and 
to continue with forearm testing. Happy pumping, Claudia
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