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[IP] insulin

Well, actualy there really isn't much chance of "germs" getting into 
the bottle with a needle poke.  As one of many who used to reuse 
syringes and never wipe the insulin top, there was never any 
contamination problem when I was on shots.  And there was that 
medical report a few years ago that there was never any  problems 
with infection even among those diabetics who routinely injected 
through their clothing.  So put it back if you want, and prove for 
yourself if it works.
    It takes quite a long time for heat to degrade insulin.  As 
Michael noted, long acting insulin stays in the body all day, and 
those experimental implantable keep insulin at body temp for days.

<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] insulin
      I am sorry to say that it is NOT OK to put insulin back in the 
bottle for the
simple fact of germs and infection.  Even though you may clean off the top of
the bottle with an alcohol swab - all alcohol does is clean the surface - it
DOES NOT kill germs.  You need to use a Betadine wipe to kill any germs or an
IV prep wipe.  And even then germs can still find their way into the bottle.
      I have had to change my infusion sometimes up to 3 or 4 times a 
day because
of the heat and I just use the same resevoir that I filled in the morning
with my original set change.>>>>>>>>>>
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