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Re: [IP] Back-up device?

>1) What do you use as a back-up system for your pump?

Since I use the Disetronic H-Tron+ Pump, I have an extra pump for a backup.

>2) How often do you use a back-up delivery device (needle and syringe, pen,

I change out my pumps every 6 months to assure that they're both working 

>3) While using your back-up device, what type of insulin do you use (rapid,
>regular, intermediate) and how many units per dose?

I use Humalog in both pumps.

>4) Do you use your back-up system for certain activities or only when there
>is a problem with your pump?

I switch pumps regularly.  I have a gray one I use in the summertime and a 
blue one I use in the wintertime.  Just my choices.  But it is recommended 
for anyone with the H-Tron+ pumps to switch them out regularly.

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