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> I'm having a real hard time emotionally/mentally , getting myself to
> take care of myself. The way I figure it, what's the point in
> taking care of my body and prolonging  my life, so that I can live
> another 30-40 years with diabetes. How do others
> get themselves to care when you just really don't care?

You do it because you CAN.

Check out a book from the ADA called 'Diabetes Burnout'. Some of the steps
the author gives is change the language we use: Instead of "Blood TESTS" he
recommends "Blood CHECKS".  Taking away the 'report card' mentality and the
self recrimination can go a long way in caring for ourselves.

Also, YOU care for YOURSELF and stop looking to everyone else for validation
of who and what YOU are. YOU are the most important human being here and the
others can 'Just deal'(...that's My own two cents in there...).

Also you might try to remember that diabetes ISN'T your whole life. It
doesn't make you who you really are, deep down and so, sometimes we do have
to think like "people who have diabetes" and not just as "Diabetics". Yeah
living another 30-40 years with diabetes is no picnic, but only eighty years
ago, hell, fifty years ago, people would've given their souls for that
time... You're not just living with diabetes, but with your joys, family,
friends and things you like to do.

Cut yourself a break. Do the best you can with what you got.

-- Jenny Sutherland
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