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Hi, My name is Robin. My son, Kevin, went into 7th grade yesterday. Even 
though it is the same school he has been at for 6 years, it was a different 
campus for the big kids. It is pretty intimidating. Anyway, he too was high 
yesterday at lunch (198) and he did a correction. When I picked him up at 3, 
he was 298! Nothing had changed and he ate like normal and bolused normal. I 
sincerely think it was NERVES!!!!!!!!! He returned to normal all night long. 
This am when he woke up he felt nauseated and started with the butterflies 
again. I'm waiting to hear if he was high again. I hope it will calm down. 
He is in many Honors courses and one class with 9th graders...so it can be 
scarey for him I'm sure.  Just curious if your daughter was affected by the 
jitters too?

Tell us how she did today.

Mom to Kevin, 13, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99

Kevins school (this campus) doesnt have a nurse on duty this year. Should be 
interesting. We gave him a cell phone to call us if he needs to.

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