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[IP] Re: "Brittle" diabetics

Hi Ruth,
I have been told that I was 'brittle', yes very hard to control.
I've been on the pump for six months now and my A1C is 6.4
Better than it's ever been. I've been Type I diabetic for 22 yrs.
The reason I'm replying is I have a problem with blisters on my
legs and no one has ever told me about this being caused by
the diabetes. I also have neuropathy in my feet and now in my
lower legs. I have a blister that is now like an ulcer for about
three months now, not healing (not any worse either) even
though my sugars are better. I'm also dealing with a sprained
ankle that I was not aware of, but just very sensitive and
painful. The orthopedic doctor told me sometimes diabetics
don't know when they have injured an ankle, etc because
of the neuropathy. Any more info that may bring light on the
subject. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a year ago
and I thought the pain in my ankle was related to that. But
my rheumatologist said no, he sent me to the orthopedic. I'm
tired of being tired and hurting. Don't mean to sound like I'm
complaining, I know I'm blessed. The neuropathy is the only
complication I have from the diabetes. Thanks for your info.

Karen ;-)

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 18:37:51 -0400
From: "Ruth Stephens" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] "Brittle" diabetics

Being brittle means that your sugars will fluctuate all the time and that
your diabetes is not in control.  Being brittle also means that you will
have more complications with your diabetes, i.e. blisters on your legs,
feet, sight problems  etc - you know, all the "great" stuff that can
happen to diabetics.

Ruth Stephens - good luck with your fight!
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