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In a message dated 8/27/01 9:56:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

  My name is Bill ans this weekend i had an incident same as you described i 
was driving and my wife was trying to tell me to stop and was crying and i 
had kept going faster and faster and until she saw a copop and pulled e brake 
and parked car in parlk and told him i was a diabetic and told him to be nice 
with me because im very violent when im like this and i dont know. my doctor 
says t odrink coffee and the caffeine will help you tell when low if thats 
any help i havent been drinking coffee like i should have.
Someone on this list said they suck 1 glucose tablet for each hour they 
drive.  Maybe it would be a great idea to put one in your mouth every time 
you climb in the car if you haven't just eaten.  Also take your blood before 
you drive!  My husband is diabetic, not on a pump, and this has been a real 
problem with him also, including driving faster & faster when low.  He is now 
seriously trying to get on a pump. God, I hope it helps.  

My 15 1/2 year old son, diabetic on a pump, is just starting to drive.  We 
are practicing the routine already that he can't get in the driver's seat 
until he takes a reading and he won't be driving for an hour, etc., until we 
see how it goes.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  He doesn't 
have the best example to follow from his father.

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