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[IP] carpal tunnel

I'm a professional musician and for 7 of my eight
years of diabetes I've had carpal tunnel/inflammation
of ulnar nerve, causing tingling in my fingers and
pain in my elbows. I went to  sports medicine doctors
thinking it was a playing injury. They never seemed to
hit the nail on the head in their diagnoses or
treatments. One day I went to an
"anatomist"/dancer/Alexander Technique teacher. She
was the first one who brought up the point that my
diabetes could be affecting or exacerbating the
problem. All the other docs poo-pooed the diabetes
idea considering I was fairly recently diagnosed with
no compications. Considering that the pain and
numbness is greatly reduced with stretching before
playing and good diet, I'm sure diabetes isn't the
whole story but it definitely plays more of a part
than the docs wanted to admit.  

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