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Re: [IP] pump

> Hi, My son also started Middle School - 6th grade and we're having
> slight pump issues too. I did find a great paper that you can copy
> right from this main site and you insert your childs name. It is for
> teachers and coaches. I copied it and gave it out to all Ty's
> teachers at school. I also gave the nurse the book Teens- pumping it
> up - last spring and she is reviewing it again now. Ty's school
> nurse is very cool with the pump my problem is the nurse supervisor!
> Control Freak! She doesn't want Ty to test in the lunch room and he
> is not allowed to carry glucose tabs on him! 

Oh my! but he is allowed to carry glucose tablets, syringes, insulin, 
a meter, food, and anything else that is required to manage his 
diabetes. IT IS THE LAW!
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