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Re: [IP] insulin

> I also find that after 3-4 days, any insulin remaining in my pump
> has lost some of its effectiveness. In this case, when  you put the
> left over insulin back in the bottle, you'll dilute the unused
> insulin in the bottle.

It is more likely that your infusion site is not longer absorbing 
properly. Unless the temperature is consistently very hot. Insulin 
will lose only a very slight amount of it's potency in 3-4 days. At 
room temperature the loss is under 1 1/2 % per MONTH, according to 
Eli Lilly Co. official documents. It is pretty common for infusion 
sites to become unhappy after a few days for any number of reasons.

It is not uncommon for pumpers that don't use a lot of insulin to 
fill the syringe completely and use it for two set changes.

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