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Re: [IP] Re: Great A1c

> In a message dated 8/27/01 4:42:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> << 
>  The above are my non-statistical "feelings" for what i've read on
>  this list and experienced in person with other pumpers over the
>  last few years.  Any thoughts?
>   >>
> Darrin,
>     I think your list is quite accurate, with one exception.  As a
>     parent, I 
> meet other parents with kids with great A1cs, who have never had bgs
> higher than 15.0!!!  (about 270 on the USA scale).  That both amazes
> and depresses me--I once joked that I just wanted to keep Claire on
> the meter, never mind within that narrow 80-150 range.  


Keep in mind that all meters are not created equal! Some of the 
meters reportedly become numerically inaccurate, depending on blood 
sample, room temperature, etc.... when the RANGE they are measuring 
is very low or very high. There has been much discussion of this on 
the list in the past. I've no personal experience with it 'cause Lily 
uses an old one touch Profile that she refuses to give up. Apparently 
some of the new meters can register a 300-400 on one sample and a 
200-300 on the next.... an so on.... be suspicious. Your idea of just 
keeping Claire testing, I believe is a good one. Watching the trends 
is more important that the instant gratification of being in perfect 
range. Better for your and her mental health as well I suspect.

email @ redacted
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