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Re: [IP] insulin

I also find that after 3-4 days, any insulin remaining in my pump has 
lost some of its effectiveness. In this case, when  you put the left 
over insulin back in the bottle, you'll dilute the unused insulin in the 

I think it is a function of the temperature of the insulin. It can 
survive at room temp for , what? 30 days? But when you wear the pump 
next to your body, you are heating it up which causes it to break down.

Also when  you sleep at night, you could also be on top of your pump 
transferring heat to the insulin.

It would be interesting to find out, of the folks who have no problems 
with their insulin losing its effectiveness, where do they wear the 
pump? Is it right next to the body or attached somewhere cooler.


email @ redacted wrote:

>In a message dated 8/27/01 6:47:19 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
>email @ redacted writes:
><< yesterday, my infusion came out , was much sweat due to heat outside. 
>Since I had
> just changed the set earlier in the morning, I put the insulin back in the
> bottle. before starting over. is that ok to do that? (took needle from other
> infusion set to to put it back in. MM508)   is that ok to do that, the 
>reason I
> did that is that I did not want to waste insulin, and I tend to run out more
> quickly if I do not do that >>
>When my infusion set comes out, I don't do a full change-out. Just put in a 
>new set and reattach the tubing.
>Jan and Elvis
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