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[IP] Re: Great A1c

In a message dated 8/28/01 12:29:57 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  But yesterday evening she shot up to 380 after being disconnected 80 
minutes in the bath.  >>

Barbara, if you know she is going to be disconnected for a while, and if she 
is not already on the low side, you might want to give her part of her basal 
before she disconnects.  When I disconnect for a bath or shower or other 
non-athletic event, I usually prime bolus a tenth or two (up to about 30 
minutes worth of insulin) before I disconnect, leave the pump running, and 
check the history before and after disconnecting to see how much I have 
missed, then when I reconnect prime bolus for the difference between the 
missed amount and what I have prime bolused before.  It generally works as 
well (by the measurements I can make) as having a basal running if I am 
disconnected for an hour or less, almost as well for up to about 90 minutes.

Linda Z
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