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RE: [IP] Heat and Insulin

Hi marlene:

I live in Florida and the heat is just as bad as well as high humidity.

I have no problems with keeping my site for 3-4 days.  I only change on
Wednesdays and Sundays unless there is a problem with the site.

As long as you are not sitting out there in the heat with direct sunlight
you should do well.

I am assuming and that's not always a good thing to do, but anyway, that you
have a/c and are not constantly in the sun.

There have been a few messages I've seen on here from workers who are out
there in the heat all day long and they seem to do ok.  One, I believe, even
mentioned some sort of an ice pack around the pump...(am I right people?)

But the d.e. and books will always tell you if you find that your b.g. are
running high for no apparent reason, that perhaps the insulin has gone "bad"
and in that case, you might need to change more often.

When I first went on pump, I figured it would have to be every 2 days living
in Fl., especially in the summer but that hasn't happened.

Hope this helps :)
Kathy B.
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