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Re: [IP] pump


  This story that you related to us is VERY familiar.  This pumping business 
is so new that even some of the most educated of RNs (and MDs as well) 
haven't a clue has to what it is all about.   Our RN was also very confused 
over Josh (age9.5 now and the only DMer in his school and only IPer in his 
whole district) not being on any long acting insulin either.  I mean, that is 
how it is done.  don't we know anything about the care of diabetes....this is 
what she was actually saying to me!!!  I calmly told her that times have 
changed and soon shots will be a thing of the past and that she needs to get 
some current training on diabetes and its care, including the pump.  She and 
the other district RNs (we also only have an RN maybe one day each week) were 
thrilled when I had an inservice for them with our rep and learned this 
latest technology.  But I can assure you that at no time was Joshua ever 
hassled over any of this.  I'm glad that your daughter stood up for herself 
but am sorry it took its toll on her.  Hope you give the RN a piece of your 
mind...for me too!

mom to Joshua
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