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[IP] re: kindergarten

>I told her I could not send her back to her school as I
didn't feel she was safe.

We were also concerned with our 3 1/2 year old daugter starting prescool, and
just worked out some details with our daughter's preschool that i thought
might be helpful to others:
We met with the preschool teacher, who had actually done lots of research
online prior to meeting with us. she also knows how to check blood sugars as
it was suspected that she had gestational diabetes, and had checked herself
for 2 days.
her concern was that with 22 kids in the group, and only one other aide, that
she would be able to take the time at snacktime to check, bolus, etc. but not
necessarily be able to watch for lows and just general monitoring the way she
thought necessary.

We live in Israel. there is a program here for women who do not want to do
army service, but do want to serve the country in some way, to do volunteer
work for a year or two in various sectors - hospitals, schools, elderly,
disabled, orphanages, etc.  the teacher called up this program and got a woman
to be in our classroom 4 days a week, full time. the school will actually have
to pay the program, and it is apparently a lot of paperwork, but so far, they
havent flinched.

granted, we'll have to figure out what to do for the other 2 days (6 day week
here) but we figured this was a great start!

obviously, this specific program doesnt exist in the US/Canada. however, the
idea of getting in an extra aide, on a volunteer or paid basis, may be one
that should be looked into further.  i remember someone in the US telling me
something about 'inclusion aides' who were available in the school and jumped
from classroom to classroom to serve a number of kids with different issues.
you may want to check into an option like that - frankly, having an aide
-just- for our daughter is great, but even more than what we need (though it
is always great to have extra staff around, and she'll obviously be able to
help out in the classroom in general a  lot too!)

good luck!

Chanie Kadden
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