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[IP] pump

Today was our daughter's first day of school. She is in 8th grade and is
beginning her third year in this school.  The nurse (RN) was there
today. She has six schools and only comes once a week. She called today
because Jenny was high at lunch (530) which really didn't make any
sense, even allowing for the 15 carb snack she forgot to bolus for.
Anyway, I reminded her that I had left a sliding scale for correction
boluses with the glucometer and also another stapled to the medical

So she hunted around. They had misplaced the scale. Finally, I did the
math and told her what the correction bolus should be (12). Jenny
corrected, but when she got home she felt low. We tested and she was 38.

Turns out that the nurse had had a rather heated discussion with Jenny
when she arrived in the office. She insisted that Jenny must be on some
type of long-acting insulin. Jenny said, no, she had humalog in her
pump. She didn't need a long acting insulin. The nurse didn't get it.
Jenny said she actually raised her voice to the nurse in frustration
because the nurse would not listen and didn't believe that Jenny knew
what she was talking about. Jenny said it's the first time she has
yelled at  an adult besides us. lol

So, Jenny's "high" at lunch was probably fueled by having to stand up to
a poorly informed nurse. I'm actually very proud of Jenny. But I am very
angry at the nurse who caused the high which caused us to over bolus. I
will phone her tomorrow at whatever school she is at and try to calmly
clarify how a pump works.

I was so pleased because I thought the whole district nursing staff was
going to a D training this summer that included pump training. Oh well.
Guess the training wasn't enough.

Luckily the health tech who Jenny deals with on a daily basis is very
caring, bright and willing to learn.

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