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[IP] Driver's responibilities

Hi All

When I first became a diabetic I held an endorsement on my driver 
lic. to drive a school bus in NJ. The laws have changed a little bit in 
NJ since but at the time if you were insulin dependent you could 
not hold the endorsement.

Once DX I shortly after had to renew my endorsement and told 
motor vehicle why I was not. This was a big mistake. If flagged my 
lic and I had to submit for the next 3 years a medical form signed 
by my doctor with a current Ha1c under 7% every 3 months or my 
lic was immediately suspended. Things were not as computerized 
as they are now (not that I think it would have help) and during that 
time I would often on receive the paperwork in time or be able to 
get a doctor's appointment etc....and my lic ended up suspended 
several times. Once go pulled over during that time on a spot 
check and was on the suspended list and didn't know it. It was very 
expensive to say the least. 

Since that time I periodically get the medical form (as a spot 
check) and have less than 30 days to return it to motor vechiles or 
my lic is suspended til they review it. This is often a major pain. 

My moral ended up being to warn other diabetic not to alert NJ 
motor vehicles that you are diabetic or else you could be put thru 
the same torture. This actually requires than breaking the law 
because when you fill out you renewal form you are asked if you 
suffer from seizure. In NJ the law is written that if you are insulin 
dependent you must say yes to this question because there is the 
possibility of suffering a low blood sugar reaction which they 
consider a seizure. Regardless of the fact if you have ever had a 
low blood sugar reaction.

Sometimes you have to beware on who you tell.  This is not 
information that is available to the police by computer which would 
than maybe make sense to help asist in an emergency.

Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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