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RE: [IP] Driving and lows wassupporting spouse/husband's problems with lows

I have had several times when my b.g. went low while I was driving and I was
not aware of the fact that they were low because they were dropping slowly.

I usually can tell once I get out of the car and feel it right away but
while sitting, can't tell.  I can still function very normally and my brain
is still sending messages to me to respond nicely.

I do check my b.g. every 2 hrs. while I am out on the road driving just to
make sure because of this.

On the other hand, there are times when I have rapid lows and I know I have
to eat something.  I don't ignore it like I used to because I was embarassed
to eat something in front of a customer.  I carry around mini boxes of
raisins and just open one and start eating it and if that's not enough, eat
another one or glucose tablets.

I never drive when I am aware of the lows. My brain will not allow me and I
know that I cannot handle the car or respond properly to anything that might
be happening on the road.   I will usually pull into a parking lot and eat
something and then sit there for at least a half hour and re check b.g.
Sometimes, even if the #'s are right, my brain still isn't functioning
properly and I'll sit there until I know I can once again handle driving my
car safely.

I don't believe that people should give up their licenses unless they are so
bad about having lows and not correcting them.

It really is an individualized thing and I believe that the ADA is working
so hard to fight for diabetics to be treated as normal people as long as
they can show their logs and have letters from their doctors to prove that
they take very good care of themselves and monitor their b.g.

Kathy B.
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