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RE: [IP] Defective tubing from Silhouette infusion set

Sr. moments???? LOL...Why I have them all the time....
I keep telling myself it's from all those lows that I've had over 35
years...you know, everyone that goes below destroys brain cells...or at
least that's what my old dr. in NY used to tell me...
Can't say if it's true or not but I'm beginning to believe it...LOL...
Seriously, either you didn't remember to push insulin through or there was a
blockage of some sort w/the tubing....
Do you really prepare all of that and then put it together in the morning?
I get up bleary eyed and just get a new reservoir and set ready and make the
switch...makes my hubby feel better to know that I've done it while he's
still home and that I didn't forget (like I would!)....
He's so used to telling me to make sure I took my shot that I guess he feels
left out... :)
Kathy B.
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