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Re: [IP] Re: Great A1c

> In a recent talk at NIH, a doctor (David Harlan) mentioned something
> about the DCCT that I had either never heard or which hadn't
> registered <gr.>.  He said when the participants were initially
> selected, they were assumed to have no insulin production because
> their c-peptide levels were so low.  When more sensitive c-peptide
> tests were later used on the group, they found that even the very
> low levels that now showed up in some of the participants tended to
> correlate positively with level of control, and also (negatively)
> with level of complications. 

I seem to recall a couple of years back that some researcher 
determined that c-peptide itself was somehow responsible for a 
reduction in the complications of diabetes and that consideration 
should be given to finding a way to include it in the insulin taken 
by those with diabetes. Up until then, no one could figure out what 
c-peptide did and assumed it was simply a by-product of normal 
insulin production in the pancreas.  I don't recall anymore about the 
article and I'm not sure I'm quoting correctly. 

Anyone remember this??

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