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Re: [IP] Re: Great A1c

In a message dated 8/27/01 4:41:42 PM, email @ redacted <Darrin>writes:

<< Those who "eyeball" most foods and do not devote most of their spare time 
to DM but yet still have a decent A1C:

- - seem to be shorter duration type I's (say less than 20 years)
- - seem to either have a talent for nailing carb counts or are not highly 
sensitive to small dietary errors
- - seem to be able to stay at normal range bg levels without taking into 
account each and every small alteration in daily routine or activity levels.
- - seem to be less stressed out about DM than most>>

In a recent talk at NIH, a doctor (David Harlan) mentioned something about 
the DCCT that I had either never heard or which hadn't registered <gr.>.  He 
said when the participants were initially selected, they were assumed to have 
no insulin production because their c-peptide levels were so low.  When more 
sensitive c-peptide tests were later used on the group, they found that even 
the very low levels that now showed up in some of the participants tended to 
correlate positively with level of control, and also (negatively) with level 
of complications.  In other words, a very slight background level of insulin 
production made a measurable difference in how well people were controlled, 
other things being kept equal.

In the same talk, he also talked about keeping some insulin production by 
attempting tight control as soon as possible after diagnosis.  If I see him 
again, I'll have to ask him what HE thinks about that doctor who told the 
mother her child's HA1c was too low <gr.>.

But, for the rest of us, your last point about being less stressed out about 
DM might work partly as contributing cause, also.  Stress hormones can sure 
add problems to control, both from being glucogenic themselves and maybe also 
from some addition to insulin insensitivity for people who have a tendency 
towards that.  Maybe after the chat groups we should all have our meditation 
hour? <gr.>

Linda Z
(one of those obsessive-compulsives, who finds that she has more usable time 
because of feeling better if she takes the time to weigh and measure and test 
an average of 9-10 times a day, as well as think about everything -- and the 
quality of my life is so much better)--also, diabetic for more than 46 years 
and not a hint of a c-peptide even with an arginine stimulation study -- 
anyone know why arginine would stimulate insulin production anyway?
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