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[IP] Chicago - Navy Pier

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I have been without a PC since 8/1/01 and am allowed one hour a day at
the local liberry <vbg> so am *several* digests behind. I notice talk
about the Chicago Pump MiniMed Jamboree and want to put in what *I*
know about it. I was tracking down info on it since I'm less than 100
miles straight east of Chicago and wanted to go. MiniMed has been
pretty secretive about it. I contacted a local CDE who knew nothing
but asked her MM rep. That rep knew nothing. I gave the info supplied
and that was given to the rep. It turns out this meeting is exclusive
for Chicagoland - not meant for 3,500 pumpers. ;)

There was a similar MM Pump Practicum held in South Bend and private
invitations went out to MM's pump users list. So many people signed up
they cut off the registrations at a certain number and will hold
another one at a later time with those who attended asked to not
return. It's to be a duplicate.

Hope this doesn't ruin anyone's plans. It did ours. ;(  If there is a
reply to this I will not see it on the digest since I've been hitting
and MISSING them since #335! It'll be a looooooong time before I get
this far as it is until my PC returns from Chicago.

Jan (~_^)
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