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Re: [IP] parents of classmates?


  As a parent of  a young child I can easily understand what you are thinking 
and feeling.  Josh was just getting ready to go to kindergarten when he was 
dxd.  He was attending a K. in his pre-school at the time.  His K teacher 
actually had a jump on us because her husband had been dxd T2 right before 
Josh was dxd so that was like having an angel sent to us at a time when we 
really needed it.

  Josh is now going into 4th grade at public school.  We are very upfront 
about his diabetes so the kids all know.  There have been times when either 
the kids or their parents will actually supply Josh will special sugar free 
stuff but for the most part we just enjoy seeing Josh being a kid like every 
one else.  You are right, the pump does make it so much easier.  But even on 
shots, we just corrected a high when we re-checked his BGs later on.  That is 
what his endo said he likes to do with his 'kids', let them be kids.

  So, be up front and honest with the other parents but don't expect them to 
provide special stuff all of the time.  It is expensive.  The pump is SOOO 
handy, having the insulin right there all of the time.  

  So go let your child have fun and just bolus!

mom to Joshua
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