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[IP] Re: Diabetic and struggling - carpal tunnel

> Deb,
> Just how bad is your carpal tunnel?

> I ask this because I had surgery on both hands when I was 23 and 9 years
> later, to my  horror it returned!  I was very upset at this and asked the
> doctor and he told me that with a diabetic it will return...

I think this is a ymmv.  I had it done on both
wrists in '77.  I specifically asked the surgeon if
this would be a recurring problem.  He said that it
was extremely rate, even though my cartilage was the
thickest he had ever seen (he even brought other
doctors in to look at it).  I have had no problems
at all since then, at least with CT.  That is why I
had surgery in the first place, so that it would not
return.  I would guess that it would depend on how
much room the surgeon leaves and if behavior was
changed (I stopped using a sledge hammer and jack
hammer).  My guess is that the surgeon wanted to
protect him/herself in this litigious society.  Back
then, for me, they did not believe that is was
related to dm, or even work.

How often does CT return after surgery for dm'ers? 
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