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[IP] Kindergarten

Hi Shelley - Adam was in Jr. Kindergarten last year, going into Sr. this year.
It is 2 1/2 hours every day, in the morning. I scheduled a longer meeting, and
went in with the Minimed "pumper in the school" book, a typed up list of how
to work the pump, how to suspend and restart, what an alarm sounds like,
displays and how to clear, what to do if his infusion set falls out, emergency
numbers, what to do in case of a high, and a low.

I left jr. Juice boxes and cookies with her in the classroom, clearly labelled
with his name and "use only in an emergency".
We met with them with Adam, and showed them the pump, where it was on him, how
to take it out, how to bolus, etc. We explained the need to ask him if he ate
all his snack before bolusing. They also brought two other people in  to learn
how to operate his pump, to give him one unit after his snack, in case the
teacher was away. I found it helpful to get these "supply" people to do it
regularly, as it seems so easy to us, they forget.

I also include in his pump case  a laminated card with instructions on how to
deliver a unit of insulin, and all the emergency numbers on the other side.

Hope this helps!

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